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Dayton Children's Hospital


Dayton Children's

The Children's Medical Center of Dayton

Dayton, OH 45404

Dayton Children's Cinemavision MRI Patient video
Video and Audio System Helps Children Relax

Dayton Children's is one of only 50 hospitals in the United States and the only hospital in the Dayton area to use an MRI video and audio system. This system replaces the loud noises and closed-in feeling associated with MRI exams with a more pleasing, relaxing environment. The lightweight and comfortable goggles are worn like a pair of glasses and the visual effects makes it like watching a movie at a theatre. MRI video offers a pleasant, nonfrightening experience for our pediatric patients and offers a positive alternative to sedation. Children sometimes need sedation for MRI exams because the children are frightened by the loud noises or have trouble holding still.Children may be less frightened and might not hear the loud noises if they use the goggles. In the first eight weeks, eight patients who were originally scheduled for sedation completed their MRI wearing the goggles. The youngest child was 4 years old.Dayton Children's MRI has 25 different DVDs to choose from, and the child may bring a favorite DVD from home. The MRI video also connects to any of our hospital cable channels. The goggles connect to a camera at the technologist's work station outside the MRI suite. When the technologist speaks to the child, the child can see that person through the goggles.