December 1st - December 4th,  2019
Booth 2108- South Hall, Level 3
Chicago, Illinois

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Come See Cinemavision In Action at RSNA 2019

Cinemavision MRI Patient Video Entertainment

  • Reduces child sedation
  • Proven results in children ages 5 and up
  • Proven to help veterans with PTSD receive a scan without sedation
  • Reduces claustrophobic effects of the bore
  • Eliminates the risk of losing 20% of your patients
  • Increases scan volume
  • Reduces no-shows
  • Increases scanning revenue

Reserve a time to have a personal demonstration of how Cinemavision can help reduce sedation during an MRI.
Use this form to schedule a day and time to see a Cinemavision demo.

Not Attending RSNA?

Forward to your MRI Manager, radiologist, or technologist so they can see this digital audio/video entertainment system for MRI.
Thank you,
David Salvadorini