Reduces the need for sedation in children and adults
Is compatible with all MRI systems

“Cinemavision has proven effective in helping Veterans, and other service members who have Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome  (PTSD).  The system has been used at the VA Ann Arbor, and is currently in use at the VA James Haley Tampa Florida, and the VA  Loma Linda, CA (2 Cinemavision Systems)”

Increases MRI referrals

​Lost scans due to claustrophobia? Child sedation concerns by parents? Not enough patients to fill your MRI schedule? OR...ARE your MRI patients RAVING FANS? They might be...if you had Cinemavision - the #1 system for total MRI patient comfort.

Virtually eliminates claustrophobia fears in all MRI patients

Effective MRIs for Patients with PTSD

What if your patients could just forget completely about their surroundings as they become completely absorbed in watching a DVD, broadcast television, or listening to an iPod, internet radio or an MP3 player?
The cost of this experience? Nominal. The experience of stress-free comfort and relaxation? Priceless.​